Iu Mien Scholarship Fund (IMSF)

About IMSF

In response to the educational needs of the Iu Mien Community, the Lao Iu Mien Culture Association, Inc. (LIMCA) formed the Iu Mien Scholarship Fund (IMSF) in 1997 with the purpose of providing financial support for Iu Mien students in pursuit of higher education, as well as to inspire and motivate Iu Mien youth to take leadership in their community.

Each year, we are able to award well deserving students because of generous donors. To make a donation, please visit our “Donations” tab.

Thank you for supporting IMSF!

Scholarship Application

The 2019 Iu Mien Scholarship Fund (IMSF) Scholarship Application is now available – click the link below. All eligible Iu Mien high school seniors are encouraged to apply. Please see the application for further information and qualifications. Applications must be postmarked April 15, 2019.


2011 IMSF Scholarship Recipients 

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